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New quilt

new-design-5-full-imageI spent about 90 minutes working this out yesterday.  Making sure the fabric was well pressed at the mid points so as to have a good center.  I dashed the pressed lines so I could see when I measured out.  On the left side is the first grid I drew checking to see if a 4 x 4 grid would be possible, on this particular piece of fabric it’s not.

I’m giving thought to color, trapunto and any further piecing.

I’m thinking solid colors for the diamonds, though if I go for more of a batik type look I could use variegated thread.  Then the possibility lends itself to using both solid and variegated to give more of a variety.  So many possibilities.

Then there’s the trapunto.  First question, do I want to do any trapunto?  Then if I do, do I want to raise the diamonds or raise the outline?  Basically what effect would achieve the look that is in my head right now?

I could make a second piece and try the opposite effect and see which I like better.  Then there’s the possibility of a third quilt not using trapunto at all.  Since I need to get more fabric for the large piece I have planned I can make each one of these pieces and see what works.  So many quilts, so little time.

The other night at guild we had our Holiday Dinner and and exchange.  The food, as usual, was very good.  The company even better.  I came home with the “SideWinder”, I’ve wanted to try this out for months.  It would certainly make bobbin winding easier when I run out rather than having to rethread the machine.

Happy quilting!


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  1. mdquilts – A happy artist who is always in need of a fiber fix...either in art quilts...or knitting. There are just not enough hours in the day!
    Mickey says:

    Can hardly wait to see what you do here…

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