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Star Quilt – progress

For right now this is being called “Star Quilt” but it doesn’t resonate with me for some reason. I think I need to either be further along in the progress of the quilt, finished or some suggestions.  After I do some more work on the main body of the quilt I’ll take suggestions.

Below is a full view of the quilt from the front of the quilt.  Please excuse the white bits – its both white pencil markings and batting.

The picture of the back is fuzzy – so please don’t adjust your eyes.  I haven’t had enough coffee this morning.

The close up of one of the diamonds – with the red and the purple the thread play is really evident.

Not so much with the yellow.  At least from my early morning, not enough coffee perspective.  Clicking on the picture for the full view will work though.

The next part of the process will be piecing in some circles.  I have to think this process through as to lay out, design and color.  I’m looking forward to the process and seeing where this quilt goes.  Once I have this done I have a much bigger quilt in mind using the fabric that is in the banner of the blog – which is where the inspiration came from.

Happy quilting!


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