Where have I been?!!!

Working.  Yes, working.  Even though it’s three days a week this whole working this is taking up waaaaaaaaaay too much of my time.  And I don’t think it would be a great idea to blog about work, even though I work in a quilt shop and have so much to say about working in the shop.

I can say this: I’m on the teaching schedule…Paper Piecing (NY Beauty), Free-motion quilting and tote bags.  I will have directions complete for at least one tote before this class starts.  I think it will be a great option for the class.  I’m in the process of making a class sample of the one we already use (in a second colorway) and will bring in one of my totes as well.  I’m going to have the NY Beauty hung and need to spend some time  making a few of my own class samples with a variety of thread.  Watch here for the updated class schedule.

On a very sad note Quilters Threads is going out of business due to the lagging economy.  Right now they’re having 50% off everything.  I keep reading on a few websites about the stashbusting that’s very popular right now and I get it.  Right now due to my own situation I’m not purchasing more than I need at the moment.  Once our situation changes, I’ll do my best to add to my stash of fabric and thread to keep the shops both brick and mortar and on-line going.  When we’re purchasing they get to stay in business.  

I’m off to finish a memory quilt that I’m delivering on Monday.  I love making these quilts it brings a sense of warmth and comfort in a really wonderful way.  If you have someone’s clothes that you would like made into a quilt, contact me, I’m happy to make this memory for you.


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