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Sunday, Sunday Just Love That Day Ever have one of those days where ya think, "hey! I'm making great progress here?" Me too! Those are great days. A few minutes after I posted this, and 5 eighteen inch seams later I realized that the bobbin ran out. Most of what you see in that pic had to be stitched… Continue reading Sunday, Sunday Just Love That Day

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Language Barrier: A Serious Look

*Authors note: I started this blog post a couple of years ago and now have no clue why I started this post, though I have some suspicions. The longing to be a better teacher will remain constant, as well as the longing to learn more about quilt making in all it's variations. This is NOT… Continue reading Language Barrier: A Serious Look


Where have I been?!!!

Working.  Yes, working.  Even though it's three days a week this whole working this is taking up waaaaaaaaaay too much of my time.  And I don't think it would be a great idea to blog about work, even though I work in a quilt shop and have so much to say about working in the… Continue reading Where have I been?!!!


Working on a couple of projects

that I can't share here. One is a memory quilt - very simple piecing and quilting. The other is a quilt for my nephew, he'll be two in a few weeks...oh he's discovering everything. The diamond quilt still needs work, hopefully I'll have some time next week having Christmas and New Years day off. Happy… Continue reading Working on a couple of projects

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I’m a bad influence

Two different people said this to me this week.  I cracked up both times. At the quilt shop where I work we're having a sale this week.  Susan dropped by, while I was there, to pick up a few things for herself and a few of her students.  Because we're friends and Susan is very… Continue reading I’m a bad influence