A preview for Mary Anne

Mary Anne is celebrating her 50 1/2 birthday this Saturday.  I offered to quilt a smallish quilt for her and at our last guild meeting she handed me a small piece.

Mary Anne quilt front full 2I figured this is an opportunity to practice swirling feathers and play around with feathers in general.  The gray called out for black so I used King Tut Ebony on the front.  I used King Tut on the back as well with a variety of colors.

Mary Anne quilt centerThis is what started it all.  I won’t tell you how many times I picked the quilting out of this and a couple of other spots.

My Bernina 1080 is in the shop for a spa treatment so I’m using the back up machine.  I had tension problems and couldn’t figure out why.  I took the bobbin out and tried to drop it holding the thread…it wouldn’t move.  Once I realized why the tension was off it took another 15 minutes of fiddling to get the bobbin screw in just the right position.  I shouldn’t have any further problems.

Mary Anne back quilt 1With the deep color of the back it’s a bit challenging to see all of the quilting…I used two different variegateds for this.  I’ll say it was fun!!!

Mary Anne quilt center front

I really enjoyed quilting this…the fun part will be giving it to her tomorrow.  I did consider trimming it however I’m not sure if she trims then puts the binding on or binds then trims the  excess batting and backing.

Mary Anne quilt feather 1Feathers are fun.

Happy Quilting!


7 thoughts on “A preview for Mary Anne”

  1. Teri, you heard me say it before… Your feathers are amazing! I may just have to ‘let’ you ‘practice’ on a piece for me, or maybe for Raven… hmpphhh… LOL 🙂

  2. How exciting to be designing for Benartex. I picked up a couple of their fat quarter packs for the Cosmo Chic fabric at market and that’s what I’m currently working on. Loving it too!

    1. Well, heck . . I’m working without my glasses and left this comment on the wrong post but hey . . I LOVE the quilting you did on this one! 🙂

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