This week has been full

I worked on various projects including the Benartex quilt – which I am in the process of quilting right now. I’ve decided to include a lot of grid work in the center portion of the quilt and I decided that after I decided to baste the quilt. I’m using wool batting and loving it.
I quilted a small quilt for the shop today and ran it up there for them. It was fun to get something done. Most of the quilts I’m working on right now are larger pieces and they take more time. I’ll work on this quilt again tomorrow until it’s time to go out for Barbecue!!!
Monday night is our last guild meeting until September – so it’s dinner with the girls. I like these times as sharing a meal together is one of my favorite things to do.
I’m working on a quilt for Mary Anne C that is coming along nicely…no pics yet…my sweetie still has the camera most of the week. I’ll get some pics of anything I can put on here soon.


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