One block wonder

Jennie quilt floating triangle

For the last night of class when I teach machine quilting I’ll have the students bring in a quilt to have me quilt for them.  This helps each of us begin to see the possibilities of how the actual quilting will work with a piece.  Occasionally one of my students will have me quilt for them.  This is one of those times.

One Block Wonders are always individual quilts and have unique personalities.  For this quilt I quilted each hexagon individually with MasterPiece red on top and SoFine! gray on the back.  The effect is very subtle and very detailed.

Jennie quilt lines and circles

I realized at one point that because of where I started marking the circles they weren’t going to match up at the bottom of the quilt.  So I started quilting these lines.  They were a lot of fun and gave me a break from going around and around and around.  In the middle of the lines I took the stencil and marked one more section of circles, quilting a portion of this in red.

The gal loves this section because for her it fixed a problem.

Jennie quilt boxes blue gold

This is one of my favorite parts of this quilt.  I love how this pops and floats on the quilt.  I chose to use Superiors Metallic here for a little bit of glitz and glam.

Jennie quilt spiralTwo of these block floated out into the rest of the quilt…I chose to spiral this one….

This is almost a full image of the back of the quilt.  She used left over fabric and

Jennie quilt back almost full

hexagons that didn’t make the front of the quilt.  I love these kinds of back as they’re as interesting as the fronts.  You can really see here how heavily I quilted.  I had such a great time.

Jennie quilt floating hexagon

Jennie quilt flower closeup

Jennie quilt flower blue

She loved the quilt.

Happy Quilting!


Jennie quilt wings

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  1. You machine quilting is gorgeous as usual. I love looking at photos of your quilting whenever you post. Great, great job. Look forward to seeing your new pattern. It must be exciting to design your own.

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