Twilight in the Bronx

Twilight in the Bronx fullA while back I started this quilt – Twilight in the Bronx.

Although it’s not quite visible there is a lot of quilting on the quilt.  I’d originally been thinking that a lot of quilting, in black, would be best for this quilt.  Not so, it wasn’t quite right and a friend pointed out that I’m hiding my quilting.  There’s a lot of quilting design as well.  I thought about what she said and decided to rip out most of the black on black quilting and use some color.

I visited the Superior Threads website and chose 3 colors.

Obsidian (top color) turns out to blend in too much with the background, so I’ve wound a few bobbins with it and it looks good on the batik backing that I have.  Cinnaberry and Lobelia are working out well.  As I started quilting my friend Neen gave me a spool of copper. that works so well with the quilt it just tickles me!

twilight swirling feathers cinnaberryI’m very much enjoying the new colors on the quilt.

twilight new quilting 2The copper can just be seen on the left side of this photo.  I’m going all out with the quilting.  On being asked why I keep changing the quilting design…short attention span quilting is what I call it however, it keeps my mind active as I quilt and offers a visual break with the different colors and designs.

twilight new quilting 1Swirling feathers will be a huge part of the quilting on the quilt.  I really like the effect that they have overall.

twilight copper and denim blueThe red and the copper colors are my favorite however the blue provides an incredible couterpoint to these colors.  Superior Threads are by far the best thread I’ve used.

I’m off to finish writing the article.

Happy Quilting!


10 thoughts on “Twilight in the Bronx”

  1. Teri – This is superb. Your quilting is just exquisite and the thread color choices perfect. Wonderful job.

  2. I send my sympathy for the loss of your brother. I have only one brother who just turned 49 and I can only imagine the feeling of your loss. God bless you.

  3. This quilt is beautiful. I don’t think I could ever do anything like that. Oh well I can dream can’t I. lol Barbara Ann

    1. Barbara,
      With some time, practice & patience you could make a quilt like that. Dream & aim your practicing toward that goal.

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