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Busy couple of weeks

The last couple of weeks have been busy.

I just finished this quilt the other day…double wedding ring and ellenand the timing couldn’t have been better.  The edge of the quilt is curved and I machine bound the entire thing, with 4 of the blocks going 3/4 the way around.  Whew.  Quilts like this are why I like to make long bias strips.

A lot of quilting went into the quilt.  I followed the markings that the quilt makerdouble wedding ring used with the exception of free motion feathers in the “melons” between the arcs.  dwr back Each of the arcs needed to be top stitched down, hence the amount of quilting  that went into this quilt.  I’m grateful for my machine.  As you can probably see this quilt is longer than it is wide.  I’m thinking the quilt maker actually intended for the quilt to be wider but didn’t get the opportunity to finish it.

The article for Quilt Scene is finished and turned in.  I’m finishing a quilt to take with me to OH on Monday.  http://www.quiltingartstv.com/ Yipes I’m going to have a lot for my back pack.  I’m taking a purse and a carry on rather than checking a suitcase.  I have time scheduled in Monday to spend on the 440 just to make sure I’m comfortable with it.  I’m going to approach it the way I approach sitting at a student’s machine, I get the basics and I’m sitting down to play.  This usually works for me.  I just need to remember to take my camera.  Good thing I have a huge memory stick!  From everything I’ve heard this crew is a blast.

Oh and I finished two quilts for Benartex…a second design and a pattern test.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “Busy couple of weeks”

  1. Hi, Teri! I’ve finally gotten caught up for the summer. It was great to meet you and great talking to you.

    You say the arcs on the DWR neeed to be quilted down – were they appliqued to the background as opposed to pieced? (I am curious because I just started working on a DWR)

    I hope WLIW on Cablevision still carries Quilting Arts as it says on their website. I haven’t seen the show in a while but I will want to see your episode! Good luck with the taping.


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