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Quilting Arts Tv

The most exciting part of this whole journey was meeting the people.  Pokey Bolton is a little dynamo who is always working!  Whew!  I admire her endurance, even at the end of a busy day of taping she’s perky and raring to go.

me on set with pokey and crazy hair

The quilt in front of us is “Twilight in the Bronx”, all of the quilting and facing is finished, it just needs a label and a sleeve.   At Natalya

Aiken’s suggestion I’m going to  do some freehand design to mimic some of the quilting on the front of the quilt.

I arrived at the studio on Monday afternoon so that I could spend some time playing with the 440 as I don’t have a whole lot of experience with it.  Jeanne Cook-Delpit Director of National Events for Bernina set me up with everything I needed and asked what I thought of the Bernina Stitch Regulator.  I shared with her that I thought it was training wheels, explaining my experience in a classroom situation that I could not get the BSR to work with me.  Frustration!  So she started asking me how I quilt and a few other questions just to see what the actually is happening.  So she asked if at some point she could set it up and show me how to use it differently and I’m a total convert!  Jeanne set this up with the foot pedal and in a different mode and after about 15 minutes I was stitching swirling feathers all over the place!  So when Episode 503 comes on in your area watch this quilter demo the Bernina Stitch Regulator!  Thank you Jeanne!!!!!!!  Bernina also has a blog with some of their educators and guest bloggers.  There is a lot of great information.

I met Sarah Vedeler Monday afternoon, she’s doing some truly fab work with digitized embroidery on silk.  This stuff is be-auti-ful!  She’s a real sweet heart as well.  We had dinner together Monday night, it’s always great to chat with other quilters and learn new stuff.sarah vedeler

Jennifer from JT Trading/Spray and Fix was in taping her segment in the afternoon.  I’ve met Jennifer at the Village Squares Quilters Show, she does a really great demonstration of all of the adhesive sprays.

Jeanie Ajero of Kaleidoscope Collections has some amazing software to make Kaleidsocope quilts from our own photos. She’s sweet and watched me quilt for a while, I didn’t even know she was there for a moment she was so quiet.

Alma de la Melena Cox showed her telamadera fusion quilt.  Oh my goodness this is some beautiful art work!  In this technique Alma uses fabric and wood along with paint to create these pieces.

susan brubaker knapp

Tuesday brought in a whole new group of people taping later in the week including Susan Brubaker Knapp.  She is a real trip!  Because I left Wednesday morning I can’t tell you what segments were taped however I can say that from her personality she will be quite enjoyable!

As usual I was quite nervous before taping the segment.  Twice I went outside and paced the parking lot to practice what I was going to say.  me on set with crazy haiurIt was kind of breezy out there and that didn’t help my hair any.  Here I am on set getting ready to tape my segment.  I have Superior and Aurifil Threads in front of me and Benartex fabric to play with.  I goofed once trying to put the BSR on the machine – everyone was so gracious about it.

The one big thing I’m looking forward to – my 94 year old gramma will get to see this at some point.  She watches this show!  I’m so excited about that.

I’ll have more photos and share more of this experience later this week or early next.


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  1. Congratulations to you. Pokey is amazing to work with and I always felt at ease in being a guest on the show. Love the pictures in the studio, and the green room. The whole experience is rather surreal, and the bonus of meeting the other guests. Can’t wait to see the DVD.

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