shared thank you note goodHappy Saturday.  This week’s quilting has been a ton of fun!  First there is this little piece.  Every once in a while I like to just sit at my machine and play to see what happens.  Sometimes I have a focus when I do this and sometimes not, this one does.  When I finished this piece I cut it up into 5 1/2 by 8″ rectangles, bound them in a contrasting color and sent them off as “Thank You” notes.  Each person receiving the little quilt also received a photo of the original quilt.

This was a lot of fun.  I used Ricky Tims Rhapsodee Coloree fabric, Superior King Tut and Metallic Thread and thin cotton batting.

shared thank you note back

Here’s the back of the piece.  I used King Tut and Master Piece on this side.  When I switched to the metallic I switched to Master Piece  and then just left it in the bobbin.

One thing I’m enjoying a lot, other than the swirling feathes is doing gridwork on a small scale.  I use the edge of the foot to guage the next line, making for a tight grid.

shared thank you note back perspective

Here’s a bit of perspective.  The bright orange spot seen in the middle of the back is shown here with a flower head pin.  The other side of the orange is the metallic thread.

shared thank you note quilt close up 3 metallic

I also played with the metallic with some swirling feathers.

Swirling feathers are so much fun, particularly seeing where the shape will lead throughout the quilting process.

Julies quilt feather corner

I finished and sent Julies’ quilt this week too.  She patiently waited as I wrote the article and headed out to OH for the QA TV segment.  Thanks Julie.  A note about Julie, she’s a natural as a quilter.  Her first quilt was a NY Beauty that is gorgeous!   She worked her plan well with color and design!   She and her mom hand quilted it together.

Julies quilt back batik

When Julie showed me this quilt I had some ideas for quilting.  We hunted all over the Quilters Heritage Celebration for thread and backing ideas.  We settled on this amazing batik!  It’s so very pretty and matches the front well.  Another friend went with Julie to see it and confirmed this for us.  We found threads that matched and now Julie will have the quilt.  I’m so glad!

I have more pictues of this quilt and will share them after Julie tells me she has the quilt in her hands!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Teri – I just marvel at your quilting. You really brought that piece of fabric to life. Very nice work. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

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