quilting fabric and beverage pairings

Lisa Shepherd Stewart of Cultured Expressions and I were chatting at the Warwick Valley Quilt Show this weekend about beverage and fabric pairings.  What a blast!  So I thought I’d share some of what we thought up and ask for your input on what you enjoy when quilting.

When I was in Lancaster at the AQS show Charlotte Angotti told us she enjoyed chardonnay with quilting.

We then paired the Ghanaian jaquard batiks with Shiraz.  Spicy, peppery and fruity.  These are quite interesting fabrics both from a color and texture standpoint!

Merlot  and Bogalan/Mudcloth are our next pairing….both are earthy and full of character.  I see why Lisa likes this pairing.

Peggy B suggested that crazy quilting and margaritas pair very well together.  Mmmn I must say that I have to agree with her.

Basic Black and White Zinfandel

Malbec and Paula Nadelstern kaleidoscope fabs

Look for a new post in a day or two and enjoy some of the wry humor of my siblings!

Happy quilting!


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