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Hand piecing & hand quilting class

Quiltmaking by HandThere was a moment in my quilt making life where if it wasn’t hand quilted, it wasn’t a quilt.  I’m a pretty good hand quilter.  As with machine quilting the style has changed and become a bit more free form over time.  Using Jinny’s book and video I learned how to hand piece.  When the Perfect Piecer made it to the market that was the next tool purchased. I’ve used the perfect piecer to attach bindings to quilts as well as learn that accurate quarter inch so necessary in piecing.

Were I remotely faster at either hand piecing or hand quilting I might be at it still today.  I’m so grateful Renee kept sharing tips from Elizabeth’s classes.

Some of my machine quilting students are asking for some classes in hand work.   If you’re interested in a class that will incorporate both hand piecing and hand quilting please email me: terilucas@gmx.com and I’ll work out a schedule that will work to the best advantage for all of us.  As I’m teaching a beginner class at Hartsdale Fabrics for the Saturdays in October I’m thinking mornings before the class or afternoons after the class would be great.  I need to check on a space to have the classes (I’d have it at Hartsdale however there are classes scheduled before and after me.)

at Hartsdale I’ll also be teaching

September 24 – One Day Freemotion Quilting

October 5, 19, 26 – Radiant New York Beauty – Paper Piecing

November 6, 13, 20 – One Block Wonder

November 2, 16, 23 – Twist and Turn Bargello.

Where there is a gap in dates this is a sewing week for the students.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


3 thoughts on “Hand piecing & hand quilting class”

    1. The article for Quilt Scene is complete and all materials sent off to them. Thankfully the due date was in July before I left for Maine. The next deadline is coming up in 2 weeks and then theres one in October.
      I don’t get a chance to do enough of my own stuff. The next due date is for me though.


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