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Quilted Microfiber handbag

A long time ago quilted totes were all in my thought process.  I even approached a book publisher regarding a book, though I never followed through.  I still love to make them, though there’s not as much time between work and other quilting projects I’m working on.

A while back I picked up some microfiber (similar to ultra suede) at work wondering how it would look if it were quilted.  I played around and here’s what I’ve come up with.

What I found with the microfiber is that thin batting is better than anything heavy or with some kind of loft.  When stitching everything and anything to reduce bulk is best even when that means opening seams.  Longer stitches are necessary.

Hand stitching the back of the binding is necessary.  My Bernina had trouble with a couple of the heavier seams (hence the whole opening them).

Microfiber looks very pretty quilted.

Because of the texture its quite soft and I’m hoping this will last a lot longer than my other bags.

Like solids and mottled fabrics this can be all about the quilting and I love that part.  The surface design is really key in my quilting right now.

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Happy quilting!


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  1. I, too, have wondered about using microfiber/faux suede…it looks GREAT!!!! Once I get a hang of the machine quilting thing, I’m gonna try this!! Thanks for the great pics.

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