A day out with my sweetie!

First stop – the Dutchess County Fair.  We’ve been to this fair every year that we’ve known about it.  I meet Karen Abramson – one of the two quilters who Chair the Dutchess Heritage Quilt show.  They moved things around a little bit this year, in a good way.  The quilts were wonderful and the food tasty.  I left my hat at home so my face is just a wee bit red.

We were in the area when the Walkway over the Hudson opened last year.  There were so many cars and people that weekend we decided to wait a while.  Yesterday was our “while”.  After having a little bite to eat we walked west to east (Highland to Poughkeepsie).  The span is 1 1/2 miles long and we just crossed the river before heading back.  We enjoyed the incredible views.

Lots of people were on the walkway enjoying the straight even span for walking.




kids on bikes.

spider web As we walked I thought of Mickey DePre who walked out her door a few mornings back and right into a spider web.

The spider web got Mickey’s creative juices flowing and she went right into her studio and drew spiders with leggings.  I’m eagerly awaiting her blog post on this.

So Mickey this picture is for you.

Since my camera screen flips around I can get pics of myself fairly easily.  This is looking north up the Hudson.  The day was absolutely gorgeous!!!  Oh yes, my sunburn can already be noticed.  I really need to remember to wear sunscreen and bring my hat!

Mid Hudson BridgeTo the south of the Walkway is the Mid-Hudson Bridge.  I’m wondering if the Bear Mountain Bridge can be seen from here when the conditions are just right.  I’m thinking mid-day with a clear sky or at night when the bridge lighting can be seen.

We stopped at the El Paso winery too.  Enjoyed the wines we tasted and purchased a couple.

Today is a quilting day!!!

Happy quilting!


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  1. I haven’t had the chance to go on the walkway yet but I’m looking forward to doing it in the fall with all the foliage. I’m not sure about the Bear Mountain bridge but you might see the Beacon Newburgh bridge.
    I’m glad you and “sweetie” had a nice day.

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