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Wild Style

Who would design a “Storm at Sea” quilt with animal prints you might ask?


That’s right.Check out “Wild Style” at Marcus Brothers.

I had fun designing this quilt…it’s quite fun.

Happy quilting!


13 thoughts on “Wild Style”

  1. I love it! It would go so well with my zebra chairs . . .

  2. Absolutely amazing! I love it. Storm at Sea is a great pattern, even when radically and totally nontraditional. Well done. The husband says, “WOW!”

  3. Very effective use of the material. I’m impressed that they’re also starting to use your name as the designed. Great exposure for a fun quilt.

  4. That is wild! Always great to see a traditional pattern get a real twist. A Storm at Sea quilt is on the bucket list, maybe this will be the one!

    Congrats on garnering a design credit!

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