Round Robin Quilt Coming Home

A couple of years ago I participated in a Round Robin with the Pelham Quilters.  I’d participated in one the year before and enjoyed it.  When I signed up for this one I said I’d do the center of the quilt rather than one of the rounds.  The afternoon of our guild meeting Renee posted on facebook that she couldn’t wait to see what I made for the center.  My response that afternoon was that I couldn’t wait either.  I’d forgotten to make the center and had to boogie to get it done.  I have found that my very favorite applique technique is fusible, having some pre-fused pieces laying about from another project I went to work creating the center of the quilt which ends just outside the blue border.  I’m going to have to check with Renee to see who did the next round.

This is the quilt with Renee’s round added.  We all agreed that setting the center block on point does something good for the quilt overall.  And as Renee posted in her blog that week it definitely says Renee!

Renee loves making circular flying geese so I was not surprised when she revealed the quilt at guild that night.  As a side note as the quilt progressed we all agreed that the quit just screamed, “Teri”.  I was hoping it would come home with me and was thrilled the night we drew names and I was picked.

The quilt at the time still lived with Anne…due to some of life’s challenges Anne hadn’t quite been able to finish her round and was slightly stumped as to what to do for her round.  Over the last year she’s auditioned several different options and finally came up with one that makes sense all the way around.

Anne sent me these two pics yesterday (the one of Renee’s round and her addition).

This delightful beauty will be coming home to live with me sometime next week.  Anne chose to add the black triangles to the flying geese which makes for an interesting difference in the quilt.  Anne chose to leave the lime green open for me to quilt.  Thank you!!

I may fiddle with that original center a little bit to straighten out the vertical line in the center.  I’ll know better once I see it on Anne’s design wall.

I need to pick up our Hoffman Challenge quilt, Eclipse,  from her too…it’s making the trip to Knoxville with me in July.




My very dear friend Ellen Highsmith Silver has an amazing project over on the Rit Dye site.  Check out her painted floorcloth:

Ellen's Rit Dye painted floor cloth

I love Ellen’s work!  Be sure to check out the whole project on the Rit site.


Happy Quilting!



5 thoughts on “Round Robin Quilt Coming Home”

  1. It is lovely! So in your round robin, there is only one quilt, and you draw to see who gets to own it? How many people worked on it? Will it stay circular, or be the center of a medallion quilt? Nosy, aren’t I!

    1. Nosy, no. Curious, yes. 🙂

      I think there were 3 quilts in the 2000/2010 year. Each group had 4 people and we drew at our last meeting, which was also our last reveal, to see who would get to keep the quilt.

      I’m not sure if it’ll stay circular or not. Anne said she’d tried a couple of things to square it off and it just didn’t look right. I thought about floating the quilt in black however Anne tried that and it didn’t work well. The lime green might be over powering. I’m going to try white and see what happens. Stay tuned.

  2. It’s gorgeous. I love how the flying geese modified version looks going around the centre. Absolutely gorgeous. Must try that myself, one of these days!

    1. Thanks Michelle! The black triangles in the center of the flying geese are fused. It’s very cool!

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