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More NYC Metro Mod Quilters

Last time I posted about the group I showed Leslie Tucker Jenison with her business cards.  Here are the cards that Earamichia sorted through & arranged.   These are for Leslie herself and the Dinner at Eight Artists.  Leslie mentioned where she purchased the cards but for the life of me I can’t remember.  I have a couple of them just because they’re so cool.

Last Friday I taught “One day free motion quilting” at Hartsdale.  One of the gals agreed to be my “helper” and take care of ordering lunch and the new deli in our mini-mall delivers!  While we are a Bernina dealer and I’m a Bernina girl I’m comfortable enough with most machines to let the students bring in their own.  One of the gals brought in her Janome Horizon 7700 – which I taught on in Knoxville with the AQS show in July.  The Janome Educators gave me enough information on the machine I was able to help my student figure out a couple of things.  One great thing about teaching with the big shows I get to leave the machine questions to the Educators and/or techs and then I get to pick their brains about the machine.  The 3 gals I worked with in Knoxville were terrific and if they had blogs I’d link over to them.

Here’s Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works and a few other quilters.  Jackie was working on the smallest flying geese I’ve ever seen.  She was brilliant too and turned around her chair making it easier for her table mate to get up & down from the table.

This last week has been full of writing an article (I’ll let you know if it gets accepted & the magazine it’ll be published in), writing class proposals for a show (I’ll let you know if I get accepted and where I’ll be going) and work.  Paula Reid is coming to Hartsdale Fabrics October 1 – 3!  I’m so excited.  Later this week Larry & I will be working to update our special events page but let me give you a quick over view of the weekend events!

Saturday October 1, 4 PM  Meet the Quilter! Paula will share her quilts and we will have a wine & cheese reception.  This event is free but registration for the event is necessary.  This is a great way to meet Paula and see her quilts.

Sunday October 2, 10 AM – 4 PM – Tequila Sunrise – details are in the Hartsdale Fabrics Newsletter

Monday October 3, 10 AM – 4 PM – Holiday Kaleidoscope – details are in the Hartsdale Fabrics Newsletter  & will be on line later this week.  I met Paula in person in Knoxville in July, she’s quite delightful and a lot of fun.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Sounds like you have been a busy bee! I have the Janome 7700, and I love it! It did take the both of us some adjustments, but now we really have a Zen thing going!

  2. I was reading they nyc bible(NY Magazine) the other day and in their approval matrix I saw City Maps was listed alongside Warren Buffet and Elliot Spitzer, so I thought I was check it out. It’s a great map, and I have found some awesome quilting stores in my neighborhood using it!

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