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An Interview with Rayna Gilman

My next interview is with Rayna Gilman a fabric artist and quilter from New Jersey.  Rayna has a new book, "create your own free-form quilts  -  a stress free journey to original design" Rayna & I have chatted a bit at the MAQGNet meetings held annually in the spring.  We are both members of the NY… Continue reading An Interview with Rayna Gilman

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More NYC Metro Mod Quilters

Last time I posted about the group I showed Leslie Tucker Jenison with her business cards.  Here are the cards that Earamichia sorted through & arranged.   These are for Leslie herself and the Dinner at Eight Artists.  Leslie mentioned where she purchased the cards but for the life of me I can't remember.  I… Continue reading More NYC Metro Mod Quilters

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NYC Metro Mod Quilters Sewing Day

This trip into the City with the Metro Mod Quilters  started out with a stop for a smoothie - I chose pear, grapefruit and pineapple.  Yum! I made my way over to the City Quilter with several minutes to spare.  Leslie Tucker Jenison was already in the classroom alternately working on her sketchbook and helping… Continue reading NYC Metro Mod Quilters Sewing Day