Twin Towers Burning

This is one day that the memories flood back so easily.  We’d heard something happened and I called my mother in law to ask her about it, just as she turned on the news I heard, “Oh my God!” as she witnessed on tv the plane hitting the 2nd tower.  One of the Sisters we worked with saw the first plane as she was driving in.

The horrified looks of the faces of the firemen & police as they learned about the events of the day.

The quiet.  Oh, the quiet as all the planes were grounded.

The grief continued as we learned about Flight 93 and the Pentagon.




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  1. All of America and the world were turned to NYC and the horrible tragedy. I was seeing patients, and couldn’t believe that people could just go on with their lives after this horrible assault. Worrying about petty problems…totally mind boggling. And all of us wandering what was next.

  2. My daughter and I were talking about what we remembered; she remembered that her school continued as if nothing happened but they could hear what was going on from all the TVs that were broadcasting in different rooms. I remembered the quiet; we live less than 10 miles from an airport and nothing was flying. So quiet; it was eerie.

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