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Paula Reid visits NY

Paula flew in Friday evening so we had a little time prior to her lecture/trunk show Saturday to share a little bit of NY.  After checking the website I took Paula to Croton-on-Hudson to one of the historic homes which turned out to be closed as they’re setting up for their pumpkin display.  The site was closed so we went for bbq at Memphis Mae’s instead.  We both had pulled pork and some excellent sides.  I love good bbq!

Paula’s lecture on Saturday went well.  I didn’t get to take any photos of the event at Hartsdale Fabrics as I helped Paula hold up her quilts.  The quilts are pretty in person.  As Paula shares the quilts she shows what’s working and what’s not working in the quilts so that she can give information how to correct the problem with the quilt.  I truly enjoy hearing other quilters stories, our similarities and our differences and how those differences complement one another as quilters.

Paula’s classes didn’t go through so we played tourist for 2 days.  Sunday we went into Manhattan to the City Quilter.  Paula, Cathy and I all purchased a little something and were able to view the Carol Taylor exhibit currently on display.  The quilts are beautiful and I’ll share those later in the week.

After our time at the City Quilter we had brunch at San Rocco.  The food was outstanding!  I love the little Fiat that’s parked on the street in front of the restaurant.  It’s so cute!

The other vehicle that is adorable is Herbie the Love Bug.

Herbie was parked in front of another restaurant down the street.  I don’t know if the love bug was associated with the restaurant though.

After lunch Paula and I hopped on the Grayline for a tour of lower Manhattan.  With the tour you can hop on/off at a variety of sites around the City to explore a little more.  My sweetie found the address for Purl Soho for us but I wasn’t quite sure of the streets and directions so we stayed on the bus.  Paula has a ton of pics of the buildings and architecture that she’ll post on her blog when she has a little time.

Monday our goal was to go to the NY Botanical Gardens for the Japanese flower exhibit.  *I have a lot of pics from this exhibit that I’ll post later.* As our luck would have it this trip – it was closed on Monday!  Not to worry we went and walked around Arthur Ave.  Being a Monday a lot of the restaurants are closed so there weren’t a lot of people around.  We decided to take our friend Neen’s advice and have dessert first.

We ordered a canoli cake and a NY style cheese cake with chocolate Mousse.  YUM!  We ate dinner later in the day after more shopping!

All in all, a good trip.

I’m teaching in Maine the 15th & 16th at Creative Sewing in Auburn.  The 15th is Beginner Machine Quilting and the 16th is a combination of And Now What?! and Let Your Foot Loose Be Fancy & Free.  I’d love to see you there!





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  1. Wow, what a fund time you had! Paula looks so different than when I’ve seen her on quilting TV shows as a guest. I love Manhattan, it’s the most exciting place to visit.

  2. Oooh… I love wrought iron gates. Have never used one in one of my quits, but they sure make me WANT to. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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