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A new view

Until last Friday our house had the original windows installed when the house was built in the late 60’s.  They were aluminum sliders and each window had 4 panes, 2 for the warmer months and 2 to be added for the cooler months.  While they lost heat amazingly well they were great in the summer as we could take out all of the panes and get a good breeze running through the house.  This also made setting up our in-room a/c units relatively easy.

The day was ridiculously windy making the house and the guys working very very cold!

On the lower left of this photo you can see the grape bush it became one of my husbands plants at some point.  The ground in that spot is a little higher than the rest of the yard because we’d tried having a veg garden there for several years after we moved in.  The water table in our area is rather high so my sweetie spent a lot of time making good furrows for drainage to little avail.  Try as he might our gardens just didn’t do well.

So with the dirt the way it was he planted the grape vine there.  Well it seems to like the spot and has blossomed, matured and produces fruit during the late summer.

As you know I work in a quilt department of a shop that has fashion & home dec fabrics and services as well.  The quilt shop & home dec are in the same area so I get to work home dec as well.  Frequently customers will tell me they have “standard” windows when I ask them the size of the windows.  My answer is usually that there is nothing standard in windows and my house is a perfect example.  There are 5 different window sizes on the back of my house.  Even the kitchen & dining room which are next to one another are not the same size.  They’re all pretty big tho not nearly as big as the front living room window.

The front window (living room) is 6′ x 9′ and we wanted to keep every inch of that space.  This is the south side of the house and we get great sunlight here.  Renewal by Andersen has a screening called TruScene that allows a rather clear view out the window.  Once the majority of the windows were in the house started warming up.  Once we had the heat on the furnace ran once or twice and we’ve had it off since Saturday.

On two windows we selected a textured pattern to obscure the view into the house.  I like the look.  The glass itself is smooth in the inside so no problems keeping the windows clean.

This is through the bedroom window looking out into our back yard.  I thought the workers forgot to put the screens in!


The next one is through the office window.  It is a gray day here ranging from a deep blue gray on the horizon line to a very pale gray looking up.  The planes are quite visible against the sky right now.





I still need to get my studio back in order here.  Two of my favorite things are pictured here part of my thread stash and the Robert Kaufman Radiance swatches that I have.  It’s great inspiration every day to see that beautiful fabric as I stitch!  One of the joys of getting ready for the workers to come is finding amazing & inspiring fabric in the studio.  I have a box of scraps & old blocks that I never used or finished for a friend of mine for her charity quilts.

Happy Quilting!






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  1. Thanks for the peak into your world! New windows are great! We had Pella triple panes with built in blinds put in our home when we had it built 5 years ago! I love not having dusty blinds!

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