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Quilters Take Manhattan

After Dark is part of the annual fundraiser for the Quilt Alliance.  The major goal of the Quilt Alliance it to save the stories of quilts and their makers.  As a quilter I often fail to accurately document my quilts.  In a sense having this blog allows me to document my quilts in a fun and unique way because I share the process, names, have dates and know the stories of some of my quilts.  I share good points and not so good points.  The Alliance goes a bit further in that there are audio recordings kept at the Library of Congress and quilters are encouraged to add the photos and stories of their quilts on the Quilt Alliance website.  Meg Cox is the current President of the Quilt Alliance.  We know her from The Quilters Catalog, if you haven’t checked out this book it’s well worth it!  Meg is an excellent speaker and just genuinely sweet.

The evening event was held at the home of Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Victoria is a most welcoming hostess and just an amazing quilter.  Her daughter was the official photographer and from what I heard in the elevator later on, quite good.  I can hardly wait to see her pics.  I love catching up with quilters and meeting ones I’ve admired for a long time including  Jamie Fingal, whose quilt  “Metal Measures” graces one side of the Quilt Alliance Swag Bag.  As a side note Victoria has a new book due out in November called “15 Minutes of Play” based on one of her two blogs.

Last night was one of those moments where my natural reserved nature kicks in.  Oh I know most folks won’t quite believe how reserved I can be.  I missed the opportunity (somehow) to meet Kim , neither one of us could quite figure out how we missed each other but I got to talking with Donna from Aurifil and well…I also missed saying hello to Jodie Davis and a few other folks.  My hope is next year to go to the full day event in the City.  Oh and my camera battery died before getting to the event or I’d have a photo of this beautiful quilter who goes by Encyclopedia Brown.  I will tell you this – she gives amazing hugs!!

I’m off to quilt for the rest of the afternoon.  As soon as I can I will show you what I’m working on – right now it’s all for Jeanie and doing some tutorial prep and getting ready for classes.

Happy Quilting!


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