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MQX West just got a lot more exciting!

I get to teach of course and that always makes me happy.  Really happy.  I’m teaching 3 classes and I understand there’s still room for students in them.  I’d love to meet you.

Tilde border

Yesterday afternoon Janet-Lee Santeusanio sent the email out saying “Congratulations your quilts are finalists!”  I was bouncing off the walls.  Well not really but I was pretty excited.  I hope I never lose that enthusiasm.  I have three quilts in the show Serendipity, Serendipity the Third Time Around and Tilde.

Tilde is the quilt that Keith Dommer pieced and I quilted.  For right now  I’m not going to show the whole quilt but little snippets.  Keith is incredibly precise in the applique and piecing.  I used all Superior Thread on Tilde including their new Magnifco that all of the MQX Banquet attendees got at MQX East.  The deep purple is quite subtle because of the fabrics but I love it.

This is also the quilt where I had to rip out metallic, which is part of the reason it took so long to quilt, I avoided ripping.  Oh did I avoid ripping and with the MQX deadline coming up quickly all of my energies turned to unquilting and requilting Tilde.

where I ripped out the metallic

See all that pebbling on the left side of the tildes?  That pebbling was all metallic once.  Now it’s not.  Now its a variegated polyester and I like the effect.

Tilde pebbles

The center of this quilt is quite amazing and is from a Sharon Shamber design.  Off the top of my head right now I don’t remember exactly which one.  This design inspired the rest of the quilt, which is Keith’s original.

Keith’s applique is absolutely amazing and I had a very difficult time even thinking about quilting on the applique pieces.  It felt as though I would take something away from it and Keith left me plenty of room to quilt!  On some of the design I did some stitching with MonoPoly so that the faux trapunto wouldn’t look weird, like I’d forgotten to quilt that area.

Whether we ribbon or not I’m pleased with this quilt.

Oh and having quilts in this show means that for my “And Now What?! Designs in machine Quilting” Students is that at some point during the class we will take a field trip to the show floor to discuss my quilts that are in the show.  If you have a quilt in the show we can talk about that if you wish.  The students at MQX East loved this!

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Congratulations on three! in the show. I like Keith’s work and your quilting is fabulous on it. Feel free to discuss my”Equipped to Stand” quilt. If you take your students by, look at the sky above the knight especially. There you will see three Medieval wind characters. And I did my grassy areas in a side-ways zig-zag free motion that is supposed to mimic grass.It does look a little like the horse is about to fall into the river, but he got in the show anyway. LOL

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