Sonora Clever

Didja ever have a moment where you wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?”  Well I had one of those moments at 4:00 this morning when Ellen Highsmith Silver author of the book Floorquilts and friend from the quilt cottage.  Ellen is one of the most creative and clever people I know.  I don’t think her clever brain shuts down!

So when Ellen sent me this Handbag Panel link I can only say that I thought, “why didn’t I think of that?”  She designed this from the Sonora line by Benartex.

This hand bag has a certain Jinny Beyer and Paula Nadelstern type of quality it looks harder than it is and this is super easy as the clever Ellen has done all of the work for us and I do mean all of the work.  The complicated look of these bags is made even easier because this is a panel.   The complicated looking designs aren’t a whole bunch of pieces cut and stitched – it’s a panel.

A panel you say.

Yep, it’s a panel.

Cut, stitch and start using today.

With the 3 different styles that will suit our purse needs!  Ellen would love to see you sporting one of these.


Happy Quilting!





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