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And I got to purchase fabric

Jacksonville trip 095

It’s really hard sometimes to intentionally limit the number of quilt shops we visit on any given trip however I need to allow some fabric to find a new home, purchase more thread and get busy on a few projects that will use up some of the stuff I have on hand.  A friend and I have a fabric swap planned at some future point – she’ll get my civil war/turn of the century fabric and I’ll get her brights and batiks.  Good deal in my book!
So, see the gal on the left?  The one with her finger pointed toward the right?  She did not bleed on the quilt.  I repeat, she did not bleed on the quilt.  What you can’t see is the ginormous bandage on her left pointer finger.  These two ladies work in the quilt shop you can see just in front of you.  I got fabric for the Hoffman Challenge that Anne and I hope to do.

Jacksonville trip 098

This shop is across the street from a chocolate shop and around the corner from a winery.    It could not get any better than that!  I had caramel from the shop, oh my it was good!  The winery has free tours and tastings and no we didn’t bring any home because of the limits placed on transporting liquids.

On our way to Americus we saw a billboard (I do love commercials whilst driving!) for a fabric shop where I picked up a little bit of silk red with black undertones, a little bit of gold organza – perfect for a project I’m currently fussing with.  It was a good break in the driving that’s for sure.  Then as we were heading out of the lot we noticed this place.

Jacksonville trip 003

And a yard or so of an orange fabric found it’s way home.  These gals were quite welcoming and if you live in south east Georgia they will soon have either Auriful or Superior Thread in the shop!  For the Janome lovers out there they do carry Janome.  They carry the new seam ripper I just recently got and I even sold one!  I just can’t stop.

Happy Quilting!


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