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A good, old-fashioned book report

“a single thread” – Marie Bostwick

CAM00211I’m a weird-o, I prefer to read on a Kindle than hold a book in my hand.  Okay, the weird-o part has never been a secret. Being able to change the background and highlight/underline passages without defacing a book is just priceless and a gift.

So since this is my book report and my blog I’m going to write the book report the way I want to.  Big Surprise!

Main Characters:
Evelyn Dixon: Quilt Shop Owner and more
Abigail Burgess Wynne: loaded, aloof and kindLiza Burgess: young, talented, has an ache in her soul as wide as the Grand Canyon
Margot Matthews: the kind of person I want to be: supportive, encouraging and leading in a gentle background kind of way
Garrett Dixon: a loving, grown up son Evelyn and her husband did a great job raising this kid
Charlie, owner of the Grill: kind hearted, generous business man who asks great questions and expects good answers
Mary Dell: vivacious, wise and quickly becoming quilting royalty

a single thread by Marie Bostwick

To say I got caught up in Marie’s writing would be an understatement.  I read this in less than a week (work and quilting taking something of a priority).  I haven’t good quilt fiction since I read every Earlene Fowler I could get my hot little hands on.  In Marie’s writing I could see New Bern, it does help that I live very near CT and we visit often.  I laughed and cried and rejoiced.  The way Marie left the story open ended to continue the journey of these quilters.
Evelyn, Abigail and Liza go through a journey of the heart that many of us as quilters have gone through: difficult family stuff, health issues and following their dreams.
Evelyn, having gone through a divorce, makes a move to New Bern and opens a quilt shop.  As she’s going through the process of opening the shop Evelyn and Charlie develop a friendship and he asks her, what is it that she wants her quilt shop to become.  This question and Evelyn’s answer resonated with me in a way that I’ll be able to explain more down the road.

Abigail and Liza…oh this is heart strings tugged, hearts opened and growth such beautiful hard work growth happens.  Liza is the kind of gal I’d want to have designing windows in a quilt shop of my very own.  (I like to dream quilters, I like to dream)
Margot, every the practical, hard working, gal Friday types.  Moves right into action in a crisis, is steady and a friend in the truest sense of the word.  When we’re introduced to her she doesn’t know Evelyn from Eve however she steps in, steps up and becomes an integral part of Cobbled Court Quilts.
Quilters: this is a good read, and well worth your time.  Marie if you happen to read this I’m looking forward to reading the rest of series.

Happy Quilting!



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  1. I’ve been reading for over 64 years, and just got my first Kindle about a year and a half ago. I never thought I would like it so much, but what with a bit of arthritis in my hands and the loads of lovely free books on line where I can read old favorites, I am so totally with you on reading this way! I’ve been hauling around 1000’s of books during my life and to think I don’t have to do that anymore is great! Of course I’ve a few books from my childhood and some favorites that I will never give up, but now I can get them all into a couple of small bookcases. But online? I’m on my second Kindle (mostly because I wanted the color Kindle Fire because I can play music and check my email as well; my first simple Kindle didn’t do that very well)
    Thanks for the tip about the book. Actually the only problem with Kindle is that it is a mite too easy to get books…I really have to watch my book budget!

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