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Winter, Fall, Color and organizing

garrison landing treeWest point from Garrison landingThere are many, many people who love winter. They find the cold, snow, the gray days, the lack of light and blah. Even though winter is not my favorite season. (Hello! I’m a quilter! I LOVE COLOR) botanical gardens with Misty 139
I was mesmerized by the ice floes on the Hudson. I’d seen them all over the news in the last few weeks. Today they seemed to be moving north.We stopped in Garrison Landing and Cold Springs to see them.

I am in the process of tidying up and doing some rearranging of the sewing room. Reason 1 – somehow I’d blocked the heating vent making the room unbearably cold shivering when quilting is not my favorite thing. No.
Reason 2 – I want to move my ironing board and iron nearer to where I stitch – with the piecing I’m doing walking around the cutting table just isn’t efficient. Reason 3: I’m organizing things differently. I’ve been very inspired by Debby Brown she’s an organization nerd, her words.

nybg orchid 6Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “Winter, Fall, Color and organizing”

  1. I have watched a YouTube of the floes……so cool (literally!!! LOL!). I had to do similar (minor) rearranging in my space a while back, also. Same reason (heat related). It had dawned on me that my feet were somewhat frozen…..say, what!? Yup, had blocked the heat vent….duh! On a trek back from Minneapolis yesterday, DH commented on how beautiful the Mississippi River and bluffs looked (with the eagles perched in the surrounding tress, etc) and my reply was that I preferred green plus other colors!!!! Spring is coming………..Hugs……

  2. Hi Teri,

    Just thought I would put this out there. Any ideas on where to purchase a good sturdy quilt cutting table ? I have one that I purchased from Joanne’s some years ago and I think it;s done. Also, thinking about rearranging my work space to make my quilting life happier. So looking forward to Spring….right now the snow is coming down here on Long Island; it is beautiful though. Another thought….looking forward to taking another class with you….you’re a great teacher with a beautiful heart. Hugs…Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen
      Thank you so much for the compliment! It warmed my heart on this cold snowy day.
      There are several of Horn and Koala Cabinets on Long Island. I know too at Hartsdale that we have a couple of floor models for sale that are perfect for quilting.

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