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The back – I love this quilt so much!

IMG_0423When quilting goes well the back and the front both look good.
That’s our goal as quilters.
I love the back of Tilde. I love the subtle play of color of the gray on the yellow/orange.
Did you know that my original intention was to use a bright teal blue on the back?
I wanted that dancing color contrast. You know where you see movement.
As I started quilting the teal kept popping up to the front. I’d tweak the tension.
Blue popped to the front.
After the 5th time I quit using the blue and switched to the gray.IMG_0422
The blue was a 50 weight cotton; the gray is a 60 weight polyester. A lighter thread.
Thread change – no more pokies – a happier quilter.Happier Quilt.

happy quilting!


PS wait til you see Keith’s next quilt!

7 thoughts on “The back – I love this quilt so much!”

  1. Awesome !!! Teri, as I look at this quilt I’m wondering how you actually got the whole design on the quilt. Did you use stencils and how about your marking tools. This quilt looks quite large and I was wondering if it was hard to handle when quilting or maybe you have a special technique when quilting a large quilt. Do you have any classes planned on teaching this process. Couldn’t stop looking at this artistic accomplishment.

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