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Thread of the Week

Twist! A few years ago I hosted a quilted block of the month and now I've started with the thread of the week or month depending on what's going in my immediate world. As you know I love thread, how it holds things together and how it dances over the surface of a quilt. Sometimes… Continue reading Thread of the Week

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More to the Story

Before getting into todays post please pray for the repose of the soul of Joan Hawley: to say this is a stunning and heart breaking loss is an understatement. My prayers and condolences for Joan's family and the quilting community. And now please allow me to share two Quilted Features Interviews with you. First up… Continue reading More to the Story

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Cultivate: Further: Encourage.Seek the society of; make friends withto improve by labor, care or study. Most words have more than one meaning, or connotation and often it takes a little time to define, understand in context, and grow in the use and definition of that word. Often this is an incorporating of the definitions and… Continue reading Cultivate

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In just a couple of hours I'll be teaching at Poppy Quilt & Sew. I got to thinking about the definitions of my 2022 Word of the Year: Cultivate. (What's your Word?) here are two parts of the definition: to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine:to cultivate a singing voice. to promote… Continue reading 2/2/22

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Well this is quite the week! Click Here.

Normally on a Tuesday like this I'd be in the shower already getting ready to go teach the Advanced Beginner Class at Poppy Quilt & Sew and going to book study at my parish tonight. Instead I'm at my kitchen counter staying home with what is allergy related sinus thing (no temp, not achy). We've… Continue reading Well this is quite the week! Click Here.

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Road to California Redux

The Uber driver picked me up at the hotel Thursday morning to take me to the Ontario Airport to head back to Texas. This delightful driver, Grace, I learned has an art degree and ran an art department for a while. At some moment she needed work and ended up working for the concession stands… Continue reading Road to California Redux

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Quilt Festival Postlude

Before I get started on this day I would like to send you over to two podcasts. Quilter on Fire Episode 48 with Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Quilt N Tell Podcast Back to the Beginner Brain Episode 64. I have thoughts on both podcasts and how they are related to one another. There are more… Continue reading Quilt Festival Postlude

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Goals, Video & Moving Forward

Friends, please join me in sharing some of the beauty of this week. While I know I still need some time to reflect and think things through there are some good highlights. I've mentioned that one of the Priests I worked with in ages past often said, "We do not need new teaching, we need… Continue reading Goals, Video & Moving Forward

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Does this ever happen to you?

Where you finally get all the bits and pieces lined up ready to go and then a wrench gets tossed into the works, effectively derailing what you're doing? And because of what it is you can't really be mad about it first because you really have no control over it and second because that will… Continue reading Does this ever happen to you?

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Practiced Intuition

Before I get to the theme from the title of the blog post I'm going to share a bit about this week. This week is going to be full filming and celebrating. In January I committed to filming a course for Creative Spark, working my way through with a cohort of other authors and teachers.… Continue reading Practiced Intuition