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Well 2014 is moving along at a quick pace. It’s the end of April, May is around the corner and I’m taking a moment to reflect and be grateful for 2014. Part of 2014’s Word of the Year, Ponder.
May brings Quilt Market. This will be the first time I’m attending. This is one more of those “peeking under the bed and seeing the Christmas Presents” moments. I’m giddy. There are things to do between now and then for both myself and Generation Q.
As part of the pondering I adopted a 2nd word of the year “leap”. Well I’m leaping, going to jump right into the puddle with both feet. When I got to Market I will have book proposal in hand and have an appointment with a publisher. If it works with this publisher great, if not there are others. Yes, you read that correctly. Book. Proposal. I’m excited and kinda freaked out.

When I made the little quilt with my word of the year I chose the tree because I liked the image. Did you know that for every inch of tree you see above there is an inch of tree below the surface. This embroidery speaks to me – kind of resembling the twists and turns of this year. It is the twists and turns that give the quilt, the tree, my quilting experience character. Well, I’m off to be a character, work on the proposal and go to work.

Have a quilterly day!


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  1. I’m excited for you, also!!! Life’s adventures contain so many chapters, yet to be written!! And the next one for you is on the horizon!!!! Looking forward to future reports……………….hugs………………………

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