Coffee – revisit

coffee mugsThis morning got me thinking about the first time I ever had coffee. It was in 1992 – I was newly wed and a small group of us went out to an Italian coffee/dessert place. I had a cappuccino. Oh I was in love. I did have a bit of a challenge going to sleep that night but in that brief moment I’d wondered where coffee had been all my life. Oh yeah when I was 7 and put instant coffee and hot water in a cup and tried it with no milk, YUCK!!! Just YUCK.
Over the years there have been the coffee incidents, you know the ones that prompted the whole “Don’t Cry Over Spilled dont cry over spilled coffeeCoffee” of it all. There have been moments where, for whatever reason coffee has ended up all over the kitchen counter. Grounds and all. This often happens just after waking up and oh what a way to start the day. NOT!
This mornings coffee mishap only delayed the coffee consumption by a little bit and required no early morning, pre-coffee, foggy headed clean-up on my part. Though I ground the beans this morning I forgot to put the grounds in the proper place: in the coffee filter. Once discovered this was easily rectified. Grounds in filter, water in reservoir, wait 12 minutes and sipping coffee. Ahhh yes. Coffee.
Now, I know that there are a few of my readers who do not drink coffee. That’s okay.

Happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “Coffee – revisit”

  1. Life w/o coffee?????? No way!!!!! Coffee mishaps have been pretty much eliminated with the passing of our last Bunn coffee maker (after reading that if coffee is made in less than 6 min., or so, most of the grounds won’t have been used and you are wasting precious $$$$ on “quick” made coffee!!!). But this one has a timer on it so set it I must!!!!! I didn’t drink coffee til we moved here (to Norwegian/Swedish country) 40 years ago……and I have never slowed down(!!!) since! LOL!!!!!

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