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A quilt market review

CAM01419Dear Quilters,

I love you so much! I’m not quite sure how to say this however, here I go.

If your shop owner has been to Quilt Market please offer them some appreciation. The choices and opportunities for what to bring home to you for the shop are overwhelming. It does not matter if you are a rookie or seasoned veteran. If you know a pattern designer, fabric designer, tool inventor give them a bit of a hug. Thank them. Seriously they all work so hard to bring just the right thing. Then on top of it they have to go pitch it to consumers who are nearly close to overload by the time the show floor opens with all of the amazing Schoolhouse presentations.

In one day it’s easy to walk miles having to look in booths, making note of where you need to get back to and hoping you remember. (I forgot a couple of booths!) And making appointments on time – getting from one end of the show floor to another in a short amount of time hoping, just hoping to make it because you really want to see that line, check out that thread, lines of fabric and oh those tools.
All of this for you because we want to bring the best to you, have the best in our shops, find just the right fabrics and tools and books and magazines to you our beloved community.

As the Generation Q Magazine/Market newbie oh dear me! Looking for just the right stuff for the magazine is overwhelming (fall will be less overwhelming but no less exciting). Every moment setting up the booth, every step, every conversation, every, “Hey Melissa, Jake, Scott, Tracy, Michelle, Vicky, Bev did you see this?!” is worth how tired I was at the beginning of the week.

Happy Quilting!

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