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An unintended quiet time

Ponder 1Whew! there is always excitement in the quilting world and I unintentionally checked out for a while after posting that Nancy Rink’s quilts had been stolen. Honestly that theft still makes me a bit queasy.

At the same time there was another kerfuffle in the quilting community that just has me heart sick.

Then I got to spend time with my sisters and cousins. I love these women. I love who they’ve become and I’m so happy we get to spend time together. No wait, we MAKE time to spend together. One of the cousins couldn’t make it this year however we made sure she knew she was loved and missed.  And our honorary cousin, I sure hope she felt the love.

Then I got an email I’d been waiting for, it’s going to require a lot of work now and even more later. I’m thrilled, and know that down the road this work will be for you. Which means that as I work on a variety of projects I’ll share what I can and whimper when I can’t.  I promise it won’t be a full on whine but maybe ya just never know.

And no, I’m not intentionally hiding anything or keeping anything from you it’s just that not everything is worked out and rather than spilling the milk and having to clean it up I’d rather wait and spill the beans when I can and we can all be happy. 🙂

There is limited space left in Go Mini or Go Home at Road to California.

Guess what?

No seriously, guess.

I’m happy!

Now, go quilt your world,



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