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Having fun!

One of the things I get to do as a BERNINA Ambassador is blog and give quilting/sewing tips. Here’s the most recent tip on We All Sew. Somehow I have manage to not hit a pin while stitching. I’ve heard stories and Jo Leichte shares one of her own. Once I saw where a little kid was in someones sewing room and pushed a bunch of straight pins down the hole that is there for the screw (think binding attachment, circle attachment) that did some major damage. While our BERNINA’s are tough durable machines sometimes stuff just happens. Did you now I have a whole page of tutorials & helpful hintsthe back of the quilt John Cardin dyed fabric?

A couple of weeks ago I posted Feeding Artists showing you all of this gorgeous hand dyed cloth from John Cardin. I’m working on my whole cloth challenge giving an update the other day.  I’m using one of the pieces John sent me as the back. You might be surprised to learn I’m using silk thread on the back. Yep it is spendy but work every.single.stitch.
I’m loving the dense texture I’m getting with it. I can stitch so close together.

On the front so far I’m using a variety of silk thread including this variegated Tiara silk that I still have some left from the project I sent off to Superior. Even 50 weight silk lasts a long, long time.  There are little spaces of Tiara here and there.

If you look really really closely here. Right here you’ll see some teeny tiny bubbles. I did them in pink too but for some reason I can’t resize the picture well enough to upload it here. I’ll just show it to you in a day or two.

I don’t have a name for this quilt yet. It’ll come when it’s ready it always does.



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