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I’ve just really started reading The Little Spark 30 Ways to Ignite You’re Creativity by Carrie Bloomston published by C&T. I wrote a review on the Generation Q website that you can read here. Reading to write a review and reading to absorb are different. Reading to write a review is rushed and hurried. Reading to absorb is quite different, it’s slower. I can stop and enjoy, think about what’s being read. I can stop to spend some time doodling, think about my quilt space and upcoming projects or doodle for a bit.

There is something about the sense of encouragement that really resonates with me. As I read I keep thinking, “This!” and “This!”  There are a couple of other books lately that I’ve had that same connection with. I’m liking that connection.

Carrie begins talking about space and how it’s set up, claiming some space as your own and keeping things in there related to your creativity. Keeping things out of there that belong in some other space in the house. Our space as quilters is important. This is the space where we make quilts. Where the work of our hands becomes a gift of our heart that will be shared.

I’m thinking about other quilt spaces I’ve been in, friends spaces that are all tidy and organized. Then think of mine with some sense ill ease. The thing is when I get there, despite the creative clutter I can do good work. This is where things get complicated; I like the idea of a clean tidy space where I can get my hands on everything however my creative brain doesn’t quite work that way. I like seeing my stuff. I like seeing quilts in progress and all the bits that go with them. What I’m not quite fond of is not being able to find a few things…and I can work on resolving that.
There are things in the space that can and will shortly move to other spaces. Over the next few days I’m going to make a plan and figure out how to make better use of my space and honor the fact that I like a bit of clutter. What I’m realizing I don’t like is mess and that’s where I am at the moment. I will have a free day and a plan soon. I’m looking forward to it. I think this will help me sort out stuff for the book as well.

CAM02012One of the things I’ve found very helpful for writing blogs and writing words for the book is changing my physical space. I’ve moved from the living room to the dining room table. Somehow it feels more conducive to getting the words on to the pages. Clearing some space in my brain. I feel more productive. Which in this regard is a great thing. That will help as I move forward with meeting goals and hitting due dates well.

And I’m making some scheduling changes at work that will help with this as well. As of the first of the year I am no longer working on Fridays. Part of this has to do with writing the book, part of this is to give me more space to teach at the store. Look for more quilting related classes to be added over the next few months. I can tell you there will be a paper piecing class (the project is sweet and has options), a quilting lab where you can come in and quilt for the day with suggestions from me and the other students, and I’m adding a whole cloth class. I haven’t schedule in dates yet but will post as soon as they’re on.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. What a lovely post to read this morning! I am one of those who can’t take the clutter but finds inspirations from the clutter. Colors and textures on the floor of my sewing space are accidental.. They ignite the possibilities my conditioned mind had never thought of before. Changing of the space has been good for me too but it also changes depending on the project I am involved in. I do find kitchen table, paper and pencil more affective than sitting with the computer at my desk. I can not explain why I find it limiting in some ways.
    I am going to stick around and read some more! Happy Saturday to you!

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