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Happiest of Friday’s

talenti jar stops and starts*Note I started writing this early Friday morning and had the realization, “OhMiGosh I have to get to work” and made a mad dash to actually do that! Yes, I made it on time. No I did not finish this blog post. Surprise. The day was as busy as a bee hive. With NY City Traffic, dinner and an edit meeting with Melissa…well you can see how there was no Friday blog.

Thursday evening I met one of the gals taking my One Day Free Motion Quilting class at Hartsdale Fabrics. She’s a total newbie and by newbie I mean has never used a machine before. I can hardly wait to teach her. Yep you read that right I can hardly wait to teach her how to use the machine and how to play on said machine. I can hear the quilt police thoughts, “she’s learning quilting in the wrong way…piecing first, then machine quilting” And as I write that a Harry Chapin tune begins worming its way through my head, “Flowers are Red”.

As a quilter and a teacher I want to view quilting with fresh eyes and be inspired. I want to learn how to teach better and give my students the gift of being open to learning. I recently read a teachers bio (not sure if it’s a book review I’ve done recently or a blog so forgive the lack of a source) where she stated that she considers herself an Advanced Beginner. This gives her the freedom to continue learning, to make mistakes and be self-forgiving with them, to explore and play and have fun with her quilting. That’s inspiring! That’s giving  yourself permission, that’s saying it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are the best opportunities!

Have a quilterly day,


2 thoughts on “Happiest of Friday’s”

  1. I started out quilting the same way as your newbie. I hated sewing machines but I loved playing with the long arm machines at the shows. I did FMQ on some of my sister’s blocks before I actually pieced anything. She taught me how the machine works so I wouldn’t be so scared of messing something up and then how to piece. I really enjoy piecing, but I think I piece so I can do the quilting.

    Good for you to want to teach your newbie how to FMQ! I hope she loves it.

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