Winter Sunset

???????????????????????????????Today was a full day. Lots of things going on in a behind the scenes kind of way. It happens. Some days I just have to wait to share with you what’s going on around here. Part of my day will be revealed tomorrow on the Gen Q website, and it’ll be worth it.
I’m going to pause just to let you know that my knee is just fine and dandy.

Part of my day I stitched up a block for a block hop that’s happening very soon. All will be revealed March 3rd. Ooh double fun that day.


As I stitched this afternoon I was alternately in awe and groaning. In awe because of the beautiful, ethereal sunset and groaning because of the snow squalls. Snow. Yes, yes it’s winter snow and cold are bound to happen. I’m so over it all ready. Really. Over. It.
But this was worth it.???????????????????????????????

Every time I looked out the window I had to snap a photo. The sky, cloud, light color captivated my attention. ???????????????????????????????

Have a great quilterly day!


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