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Wouldn’t you know

owieHere we are, a mere 10 days before I leave to teach at Road to California. Ten days. When I got home from work I was in a bit of a hurry. I had some work to do and I needed to cook dinner. Now, if you know me, I much prefer leaving this task to my sweetie. He can cook, he loves it and finds great joy in cooking. Me on the other hand, meh. I’d do anything else. No wait, I don’t like pulling weeds either. Yeah, uh.

So tonight when I get home something is amiss. That’s a story for another day. Just to make sure things are okay I head out into our back yard, which is not a place I frequent as there are weeds back there. (see above) Okay there is more to the story but suffice it to say for now there are weeds. Yes, yes I know it’s January and it’s about to get bleeping cold.

I see that everything is okay so I head back into the house at top speed for me, which is mid to low speed for others. I get to the top of the basement stairs, head right onto the linoleum and think, “Oh good grief I’m falling, my feet are twisting in ways that make no sense!” “I hope I don’t hit my head on the hard wood” and “good grief that hurts!” My knee hit the saddle joining the linoleum and carpet. That hurt. I decided to just get up and go about my business. No one saw me so it really didn’t happen. Pfftt. Bridge. Brooklyn. It hurt and my language might have been a wee bit bluer.
I went about the business of making dinner: mashed potatoes, meat balls and creamy corn. I casually tell my sweetie what happened, later because he’s had a bit of a tough day. “You fell in the house!” exclaims he.  “Yes, dear” says I. I’m fine. There will be no ER visits! At least until after I come home from Road!

So I’m telling Debby Brown about this, saying that I felt like a little kid with a scraped knee! Good grief! I’m fine, really. No harm done. I can’t even claim a loss of pride as a result. No one was home to witness this nonsense. Uh, don’t tell anyone please.


So, while I was working I had a glass of wine. It’s one of my favorites Garnacha de Fuego, an old vine Grenache/Garnacha from the Calatayud, Spain. It’s one of my faves. Cheers!

I have a feeling I’ll be a bit sore tomorrow but, I’m grateful it wasn’t worse.

My article will be finished in the morning, I just need to shoot some stills and grab some images from my older point & shoot.

Over the next couple of weeks we have some family changes that I’m looking forward to.

In the next day or so there will be a new website for Generation Q Magazine. I can hardly wait for you to see it.

In the mean time I’m going to finish my dishes, continue thinking about this article and look forward to the rest of this busy crazy week.

Happy Quilting!


5 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you know”

  1. So about the same time you were falling in New York, I was doing the same thing in California — off a stepstool while I was rearranging shoes in the very tippy top of my closet. (Dan says this just proves that shoes are bad for me, but that’s another story). Bad bruise on top of left foot, bruise on left knee, owie bum…..Advil, anyone?

    See you at Road, sweetie!

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