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New York Botanical Garden

IMG_0139I have with me here one of my nieces. My dad had a knack for taking pictures with an “I have no idea what’s going to happen here” kind of fee. I turned the camera hoping to catch my niece and me and took the shot. Et Voila. The neice, she has a lovely smile.
On an icky, snowy day she met my sister, her husband, their son and myself at the NYBG a couple of weeks back for a gander around the train show. We had a grand time.
The lovely thing about going to the Garden is seeing some really beautiful flowers and vignettes. The problem comes in when the camera lens is cold and the air in the room is warm. The lens gets rather foggy. Um. Yeah, it makes for some challenging photos.

But then the air clears. Or in this case taking my shirt to the lens and things like this happen. I start to relax and play and enjoy the process of taking pictures of things that inspire me color wise.

I love orange and purple so I guess you’re not surprised by either one of these pictures. Shades of my favorite colors. Being at the garden just makes me happy. In part because I don’t have to weed and plant. In part because there is always something blooming. I like that.

And here is a shot from my instagram account @terilucas

This is one of the Simi Valley exits.

It makes me happy it’s a lovely memory

Happy Quilting!


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