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Starting our 24th year

my favorite shot of the eclipseI’ve been fascinated with the moon forever. Why I even resisted when my Sweetie suggested he get one of his tripods out to put my camera on and shoot the moon I will never know. Going out and watching this beauty happen, being able to capture this moment, and share it: priceless. This shot here is one of my faves of the evening, as the stars shine around the moon. I’m tickled silly that I got the shot I wanted. I have a Canon PowerShot SX520 HS, essentially a point and shoot, however the features of the camera allow for much more. I started playing with Manual and Av mode which allowed me to change the settings and get this shot.

cloudy eclipse 1
I nearly went in when the clouds covered the moon. I figured I wouldn’t get another really good shot. Taking a few moments to see how quickly the clouds were moving and how thick I decided to stay for a bit and see what happened. Right about the middle an opening happened allowing a sneak peek, then a wide open shot surrounded by the clouds.
I’ll pause in the action and say that mosquitoes love me. I’m not sure why but they do and were enjoying dinner last night as I’m watching the eclipse through the lens of the camera.
I’m going to pause and mourn the loss of my PowerShot A650 IS. I really loved that camera and miss the flip out screen on that one. I wish I could easily get that one fixed. Don’t get me wrong I love the one I’m using but that flip out screen was just the best!

lunar eclipse blood moon

The beauty of the eclipse is that it fell on my 23rd wedding anniversary. And I’m twice my age. It’s been a great 23 years and I’m ready for more. To say I love this guy would be an understatement. I love spending time with him and am grateful that God brought him into my life. This day also is twinged with a bit of sadness as my Grandma (dad’s mom) passed away on this date 2 years ago. And that was the 50th anniversary of the passing of my mom’s mom. They will each be remembered on that day.
roses in the light of the eclipseIt’s subtle very subtle but there are images of blooming roses lighted by the eclipse. I’m certain that had I been able to figure out the exposure differently the roses would be much more visible. I like learning new things. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to click on the image to see it fully. I’m going to look at the settings and see if I need to change something.

I’m off to do some quilterly things for the day. There are blog posts to write for GenQ, tutorials to write for BERNINA, a quilt to finish for Jeanie – Kaleidoscope collections and so much more.

PS – there is still time to enter to win a copy of Machine Quilting with Style, I’ll close entries September 30th and Draw a winner on October first.

Happy Quilting!


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