Sometimes things are slower than intended

IMG_0797Sometimes things are slower than intended. Or intentionally slow. Life has a way of intervening in ways that are often surprising. This is one of the images I captured the other night during the test drive that I’m not submitting for the article. AEF harvested lavender that was growing in her front yard. She dries it and then makes sachets. I have one in my car and one in the sewing studio both need refilling with freshly dried lavender. It has such a great fragrance.
I love how fragrance can have a memory attached. One of my faves to breathe deeply with is a scented soap my youngest sister gave to the middlest sister and me a while back. It smells like pipe tobacco and vanilla. I can see and smell my grandparents apartment. The cabinets, the cookie jar on the counter, Grandpa drinking tea from the saucer so he could do it quickly before he went back to work.  I can see in my memory of his smile where my dad got his. IMG_0811
This is the other photo not being submitted for the article. I gave away this stack of charm packs to the testers as a thank you for their hard work and efforts. They did a great job!!
Tomorrow my sewing room and I will be attached at the hip. I have a big goal tomorrow so I can bring two things with me to Houston later in the week. Both projects have taken longer to complete than expected (hence the title of the blog). Sometimes special quilts need time to tell me who and what they are. I love that about some quilts.
Thursday morning I leave for Houston bright and early. Friday are the Schoolhouse presentations then Saturday, Sunday and Monday are Quilt Market. These days will be so full. Watch both my instagram account and GenQ’s instagram account for pictures. I’ll be blogging for GenQ at some point. Including the cover reveal for the next issue of the magazine.

I’m off to the City Quilter shortly. It’s Super Saturday!

Happy Quilting,


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