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Quilt Market: a personal report

Quilt Basket owners Cathy and Sarah with Debby Brown sharing their Cutie Patterns. Check those out here:

I love going to Quilt Market. There isn’t quite the buzz of Quilt Festival or one of the other larger quilt shows, however on Saturday afternoon I heard it. That buzz we all listen for at a quilt show. That level of quilter talk that just says, yes, this is it, this is happening, life is good, and we’re quite quilters and thrilled to be here. Slight difference: we’re either looking at lines for the next several months, notions that catch our attention, new sewing related furniture with which to display our sewing machines to their best advantage and make them useful in an easier on the shoulders kind of way.

I love being with my Generation Q Magazine peeps. I love the blur and exhausted happiness that comes from several days of hard work. I love that I get to share the fun of this magazine with amazing people in this industry. I love stopping in aisle to visit with friends and make new ones. I love the support and encouragement we are to one another.

Mandy Leins talking about her book Wanderlust Quilts. I wish her presentation was longer. She packed a lot into her schoolhouse.

I love meeting new-to-me teachers and getting to know their style. Listening to authors share the story of their books and how shop owners and other teachers can use the information in their own shop. (I’m listening closely here!) I love seeing quilt shop owners carefully and thoughtfully deciding what fabrics will adorn their shelves to inspire and encourage us as quilt makers.

Kathy Doughty’s husband John videoing her presentation

I love talking with vendors about how their time is going. This often gives some insight into our industry as a whole.

I love helping to make connections and this Market was particularly special in that regard.

I managed to see Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession talk about her new line of fabrics with Free Spirit. I’ve loved the quilts coming from Australia for the last few years. The use of prints is simply inspiring to me and have me jonesing to make a quilt in that manner. I didn’t get to spend the time I would have liked with her however…there will be another opportunity.

Kathy showing her new line.

I got to see Debby Brown too and found her “twin” in the Brewer Booth. Oh did I ever. Ann Bates is funny. Getting Debby, Ann, and Melissa K (GenQ Ad Sales Manager) together would be a hoot! I’m thinking like the time I was with Melanie and Elizabeth where we were laughing so hard the people at the next table were glaring at us kind of fun.

And a book update…it’s still in process. We’re looking at a Quilt Market 2017 release. It is a year later than intended but I’ve learned a lot in the last several months, including getting some clarification on some big things with the book, step outs and images. Hang with me friends…this exemplifies my word of the year, Journey, like everything else that has been worthwhile in my life.

Happy Quilting!


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