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Inspiration in two ways

First bit of Inspiration:
IMG_0884Head over to Generation Q Magazine today. We’ve got a book review for Wanderlust Quilts by friend of the blog Mandy Leins of Mandalei Quilts.  I offered to be the official “quilt holder upper” during her schoolhouse at Quilt Market. I did my best to hide behind the quilts, though my fingers and show in this picture. I can’t tell you how much I’m inspired by the quilts in Mandy’s book. I love the different shapes and the techniques she shows getting there. Head over to win a copy of the book or head over to Mandy’s website and purchase a copy from her.


Second bit of inspiration:

nybg orchid 19

I’ve been going through the pictures in my media library to see if there’s anything I can take out of the library. What I find then are photos that just inspire me for oh so many reasons.


nybg orchid 11
the bright lavender gets me all giddy, giving definition to the shape of the flower

Like these orchids from the New York Botanical Garden. Every single time I look at them


nybg orchid 12

autumn in the bronx 001
Autumn Colors Rock


Did you ever notice that autumn and sunsets have a lot in common?


radiance options fix
see a theme here?

oh yes…inspired by is such a good thing

Happy Quilting!


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