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finding a happy place

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#bernina #b790 #superiorthreads swirling feathers

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Sometimes the happiest moments happen when you’re least expecting it.

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#bernina #b790 #superiorthreads swirling feathers

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metallic happinessI know something about myself that is lovely to admit, I love to quilt and I love to teach quilting. These are the things in my quilterly life that I’ve come to know.
I love the challenge of learning how to do something and the magic of seeing it work. The magic is little more than a lot of hard work and effort going into learning a skill.
I’m working on a quilt that has a home. While working on said quilt I realized that some of the more “arty” quilts have a theme, the Moon. I do love the moon, the waxing and waning beauty.
lunar eclipse blood moonI love how the orbit changes bringing the moon sometimes closer to the earth and oh so far away. I love how, when the moon is full seeing the stars is just a wee bit more difficult. I love that when the moon is not so full the stars shine ever so brightly. I love that the moon reflects the sun, the perfect complement.
I’m loving stitching out this current moon. I love where this moon is going. And I love that a quilt that has long been titled Staten Island Sunset in my head may actually become the Moon in eclipse.
I’m enjoying working with Metallic thread so much that I’ve ordered more colors, which will give this quilt depth. Well, maybe not this one but the one that will eventually be in the book.
Have I mentioned that I love to quilt?

Happy Quilting!


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