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I can see it now – Word

I can see it now. I woke up this morning with a solid plan for a quilt that I need to finish. There is a total fabric change. From a Daiwabo to Radiance. I realized the quilt needs the shimmer to meet the shimmer of the metallics and theme of the quilt – the moon. I realized if I’m quilting the sky the feel and mood needs to be different. The batting will change to all wool, the stitch definition will be off the chart, and the two layers will give the depth I need. Seeing how the trees will stitch out – which is what I was stitching upon waking – is off the hook exciting.

So the changes, while seemingly simple, will have an impact that makes me giddy.



Journey is a great word both as a Word of the Year, and a life choice. By choosing Journey as that word I’m embracing something that is a life-long openness to seeing where I’m going; to moving forward; and perhaps doubling back when needed. (See above quilt.) That openness has allowed me to keep plodding along.
2015 is a journey, one that will continue into 2016 and beyond. The path of 2015 felt much like the path of “flying geese” meandering over the surface of @play, daring here and there, on a path of their own choosing. There are things that I didn’t accomplish in 2015 that were part of the plan, however 2016 will be for those accomplishments. This part of the journey has allowed me to make some changes that are good. The good is starting to come from those changes.  That brings me to . . .

the 2016 Word of the Year  . . .Future


This too, is a good word. Like Journey, it holds much promise. We’ll see what it holds. Like 2015 I long to be open to where this goes. I have no expectation at this moment. 2016 has some “must-do’s” but those are really exciting for me. It’s all about the quilting, and the writing. Isn’t that what it’s all about for me? Quilting, and writing.

Perhaps, as I write this, Adventure is a second Word.



Oh, I’m giddy!

Happy Quilting,


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