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HMQS a brief

It’s hard to believe I’ve been home for 24 hours already arriving home late yesterday afternoon. My sweetie brought these in for me so I thought I’d share them around a bit.


I got to have dinner with Claudia Pfeil and Laurie Tigner. And spend a little bit of time with Paula Reid. I’ve wanted to meet Renae Haddadin for a long time, and after a few times of walking by, I finally did introduce myself. I was totally inspired by a line in Marie Bostwick’s book, “she puts her girdle on one leg at a time.” It was so worth it.

And then there were these folks, my first group of students…they were  eager and willing to learn. 20160504_130610



This particular group was learning to Go With the Flow. And go with the flow they did. Each student making choices about color, and texture. In these pics they’re learning one very important thing – most machines thread the same way on the top. Did you know that? The biggest difference is the bobbin and that is a simple thing. Really. Truly it is. A big thank you to Nutall’s BERNINA Sewing Center for providing BERNINA 7 Series and brother sewing machines.

and then I took the “And Now What?!” class on a group tour of the teacher quilts…specifically mine. These gals and I had a great time talking about words, idea’s, thoughts, and theme’s that can inspire a quilt.


And that leads me here to Melissa Averino’s quilt, “My Brothers Jeans”. I just stood and took it in. You know sometimes a quilt has a deeper meaning than the surface implies. The name begins to give you a clue. And when you look beyond (this is key) the reason this won Best of Show at Quilt Con 2016 is apparent. The width of the aisles prevented me from getting a full shot however I’m not sure it’s necessary. There is an unassuming quality about this quilt, it tells a story that grabs the heart. I can’t imagine dumpster diving for jeans. I.just.can’t. Yes, there’s way more to the story…

20160505_144024And then I got to award my teacher ribbon to Deborah Poole for her whole cloth, “Wickedly Green” An acid green quilt is simply amazing. It caught my attention because, like cheddar orange, it stood out in the field of whole cloth quilts. It’s kind of awesome.

I love the quilting community. I love the uniqueness. I love the differences. I love the stories that bring us together. What’s your story?

Happy Quilting!


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