Oh I hope this works!

Soreceived_10213038623628705, there was this one day when I picked up a few things at a quilt shop. It’s been a really long time since I made garments. I used to make skirts pretty easily, but shirts. Well lets say understanding how to adjust patterns to the curve of my person is a bit of a challenge, one that got the best of me.

So in a moment of “I’m never going to do this gain, ever!” I purged the sewing room of those patterns. I was okay with that for oh! so many reasons. Then I saw a few patterns that I thought, Hey I can give this a try, and if it doesn’t work out, then I know for sure that sewing garments isn’t part of my sewing repertoire. Yes, yes, I know, Classes exist, and I could take them. A bespoke wardrobe isn’t in my future.
received_10213038617108542But trying a few new to me things is always a good idea and helps stretch those creative muscles. I’ve had a couple of pieces of batik rayons maturing gracefully over the last couple of years, with the intention of making them into quilts. yes this is possible. So when I saw the next pattern I’m going to show you my whole life just feel into place, the heavens opened, the sun shone, the heavenly choirs greeted me with a chorus of Hallelujah’s and shouts of Eureka! could be hear for miles around.





IMG_20170512_121848_935The City Stroll Wrap Skirt.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but I’m short, or vertically challenged either way ya go. I’m just over five feet tall, so I shop in the petite section of the store because, short. In the late spring through mid-fall I like to wear knee length skirts, or skorts. Skorts are easier to wear to work as they’re kinda no fuss, no muss. The skirt should go right down to the top of my knee, which will make me happy. Now I just need to find a shirt to go with it.

I cut most of this out (one more piece) and hope to have it done in time for Quilt Market. We’ll see what happens. I’m going to use a 60 wt polyester thread top and bobbin, and a microtex needle. Well I’m off to challenge myself with something new, old, new again?

Have a totally fab day.

Happy Quilting Stitching,


Well this is pretty darned awesome-sauce


A wee little bit ago I heard noise coming from the general vicinity of my sweetie’s computer. He’s not a fan of my Sunday evening television viewing, that’s blog fodder for another day. So, he turns his computer in my general direction, showing me:

Well just wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Just watch the whole thing. This woman clearly spent more than six minutes playing the drums. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Oh did I mention practice?


Pardon the overexposure here. In the late afternoon the sun seems to live in front of the window, bathing the room in glorious (sometimes migraine inducing) light. This late afternoon bathing improves the mood, and strengthens the resolve to keep stitching, not so great for pics though.

I finished the strip sets for the Kings Puzzle Quilt. Which meant time to cut the aforementioned strips into individual units for the blocks. Wahoo! Progress.


Part way through the cutting, and labeling I messaged a fellow quilter, dear friend, and teller of truth about a mistake in the pattern*. Grumble. She says, “the math is correct.” I send her a photo of the directions. “The pattern is correct.” She says.

The pattern* was indeed correct. I missed one key thing. It says “make 2 strip sets”. That would indeed mean that I could cut all of the necessary pieces. I took a deep breath. Made one more strip set, cut the necessary pieces and kept going.

That’s when I got ready to start stitching the blocks. 20170219_164416

First up, arranging the units in the correct order, and direction to make one block.Sixteen total are required but this step to be certain I’ve got it all together.


It is now pinned to the swatches of Radiance that live on the wall in front of the sewing table. To the left of the machine are the units all laid out all ready for me to stitch. The next 15 blocks will be chain pieced.

So this quilt has reminded me of the need to double check everything. And ask my friends for help. Well, more to the point, grumble to friends, but be open to the possibility that I’ve done something wrong. In this case, I did.And even better, I had what I needed ready to stitch for the final strip set I needed.

Amusingly I’d been rejoicing over this:

because piecing is fun, and clearly develops character.

Happy Quilting,


2017 Word of the Year

well I guess I never decided on a 2016 word, or just kept the one from 2015: Journey. Something about keeping the same word seems full of continuity however, I’ve been looking for my word all year, not really finding it. In a sense I’ve felt a little lost somewhat like Sam and Frodo trying to get to Mount Doom, wandering in circles in need of a direction. In a way keeping the same word feels a little lazy as though I wasn’t taking the time to reflect on my own quilt journey and discover some new avenue to wander, and explore. Or a super highway to take me further down the road at a much quicker pace. Journey seems a safe place to stay, comfortable and secure, familiar and fresh. 2016 is quickly drawing to a close and here I sit, at midnight reflecting on this year.

I started keeping a journal when I was 12, maybe 13. Blogging has, in some way, taken the place of journaling. I daresay though, these are two different things. Journaling is intensely personal, something soul searching. Over the last few weeks as I’ve tidied up my studio several blank books surfaced, and I’ve purchased a couple of fountain pens and a book with creative writing prompts. In a way Journey will continue to be a word that lives with me as a word of the year, one that is distinctly personal.

After having zero time and energy to quilt for nearly a year I’m grateful for the last few weeks having time to quilt, and reconnect with the creative life I live. To say I am feeling a little bit like spring in this late autumn/early winter, gloomy over cast, glad that it’s not snowing, time of year.

tree-1The other day in a “this is the piece I have to work on immediately” moment I started stitching on this again. Searching for it did prompt some why on earth did I ever tidy my room thinking. Finding it brought great joy and an ever deepening sense of urgency to complete the piece. Hopefully I’ll get it done in the self-imposed deadline.

So back to my word of the year…Journey still fits. For next year though another one seems to be whispering to me. A little closer to the new calendar year and a little more listening will confirm next year’s word, so expect another blog post or two on this. Do you know your word for 2017?

And there will be another post with the name of this quilt, early next week.

Happy Quilting!


HMQS a brief

My sweetie brought the lilacs in for me. They smell so lovely.

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It’s hard to believe I’ve been home for 24 hours already arriving home late yesterday afternoon. My sweetie brought these in for me so I thought I’d share them around a bit.


I got to have dinner with Claudia Pfeil and Laurie Tigner. And spend a little bit of time with Paula Reid. I’ve wanted to meet Renae Haddadin for a long time, and after a few times of walking by, I finally did introduce myself. I was totally inspired by a line in Marie Bostwick’s book, “she puts her girdle on one leg at a time.” It was so worth it.

And then there were these folks, my first group of students…they were  eager and willing to learn. 20160504_130610



This particular group was learning to Go With the Flow. And go with the flow they did. Each student making choices about color, and texture. In these pics they’re learning one very important thing – most machines thread the same way on the top. Did you know that? The biggest difference is the bobbin and that is a simple thing. Really. Truly it is. A big thank you to Nutall’s BERNINA Sewing Center for providing BERNINA 7 Series and brother sewing machines.

and then I took the “And Now What?!” class on a group tour of the teacher quilts…specifically mine. These gals and I had a great time talking about words, idea’s, thoughts, and theme’s that can inspire a quilt.


And that leads me here to Melissa Averino’s quilt, “My Brothers Jeans”. I just stood and took it in. You know sometimes a quilt has a deeper meaning than the surface implies. The name begins to give you a clue. And when you look beyond (this is key) the reason this won Best of Show at Quilt Con 2016 is apparent. The width of the aisles prevented me from getting a full shot however I’m not sure it’s necessary. There is an unassuming quality about this quilt, it tells a story that grabs the heart. I can’t imagine dumpster diving for jeans. I.just.can’t. Yes, there’s way more to the story…

20160505_144024And then I got to award my teacher ribbon to Deborah Poole for her whole cloth, “Wickedly Green” An acid green quilt is simply amazing. It caught my attention because, like cheddar orange, it stood out in the field of whole cloth quilts. It’s kind of awesome.

I love the quilting community. I love the uniqueness. I love the differences. I love the stories that bring us together. What’s your story?

Happy Quilting!


Seam Rippers

GenQSpring2016coverThe Spring issue of Generation Q Magazine is on the newsstands and mailboxes near you. Quilter and BERNINA Ambassador Kari Carr is our cover girl! That quilt is totally adorable.

My friends from the Pelham Quilters participated in the first of two Test Drives. We had fun ripping it up…get it? ripping it up? The next test drive should appear in the fall, as long as I can get copy written in the next month. I am so grateful for these quilters, that they share their opinions and their quilt knowledge! When they start ripping, or stitching these quilters take it seriously, and have a lot of fun.

I’m thrilled to work with the GenQ Crew. I get to see them at Quilt Market in May. Speaking of May, I’m teaching three classes at HMQS. Will I get to see you there?

Happy Quilting!


I have a blog written in my head

Mississippi sunriseHowever, the words are not flowing as easily from my keyboard as they usually do. It’s kind of weird. Usually the words flow from my brain to the keyboard, not so much this morning about the intended topic. Instead I sent a private message and included a photo. Getting this particular quilt top complete became something of a mission as I’d been planning on passing it on to someone else to piece. Finishing it feels a major accomplishment.

Quilting #sewbatik #bernina #genqmag finding my happy

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My quilting life has been consumed with commuting and work. Not having a whole lot of time to spend in my sewing room is making me a bit cranky. There are words to write and quilts to make and not necessarily in that order. And yet, for the most part my sewing machine is quiet, thread sits unstitched, batting is ready to be layered into quilts. This is hard. Things will change, at the right time, in the meantime I’m content to see quilts made by friends.
And I’m reflecting on my Word of the Year: Future…still embracing it and exploring it.

Happy Quilting!




The sky at dusk

The photo below is a morning sky.

Good morning!

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The sky at dusk lately, oh that indigo/blue ombre sky, with deep gray stone of the buildings. As I stand at the bus stop on Madison these tall buildings and that sky…I keep thinking of quilts to make. It’s making me wish for longer days. Or differently structured days.

Have a great quilterly day!