It sure is quiet in here! Yes, it is. Not because I have nothing to say. You know me, I have a lot of quilting things to say. It’s just that the things I long to write here get set on a shelf, like my fabric stash, waiting for me to have time to write and quilt. Or is that quilt and write? Either way time for writing my personal blog is currently at an all time low. I can tell you though that writing for the Generation Q Magazine is at an all time high. I interviewed a really fabulous quilter the other day that will appear in our Fall issue. She’s smart, astute, and I admire her and her work as a quilt maker.

And then there is the whole, “I need to get my room organized so I can function” kind of thing. Mmmm not so much organized as I’d like to see certain spaces. I’ll leave that there for you. But have hope! I have been reading more and more how messy spaces are signs of creativity and intelligence! So…

Have you visited Debby Brown’s FabuLux shop yet? I can tell you, without reservation or hesitation, that I love this thread. Listening to Debby’s presentation at Quilt Market was a total highlight. I was also her minion showing her quilts around the room. She’s a delightful presenter.

Tell me about your quilting fun!


1 thought on “Shhh!”

  1. Teri there never seems to be enough time to do everything! I think of great ideas on the road then I get home I get stuck in some weird funk! I probably have too many thoughts in my head and just need to calm them. I have a great sewing space it’s a bit messy at the moment but I just take that as it is. No worries here. So clean it up organize it or just work through it. See you on the road.

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