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Do you solo?

Melissa Kanovsky, Friend extrordinaire and Ad Manager for Generation Q Magazine wrote a fun blog post. Head on over HERE to check it out.

I love going to quilt shows with friends.











Lisa Calle OCQ event














People are cool and I enjoy spending time with them. Every now and again it’s good to go alone. Because meeting new friends is the best.

So what’s your most fun quilt show experience?




1 thought on “Do you solo?”

  1. I’ve gone to IQF in Houston by myself a couple of times. While I do get to see almost everything and spend time where I want to when I’m solo, I really enjoy going with my quilting buddies! Someone to eat lunch, exclaim over fabric and notion purchases, and goggle at the beautiful quilt displays with is priceless. You can still meet new people while you’re there with your old peeps. Be friendly and ask that lone wolf to join you at the lunch table!

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